Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Library for android development

I found some good libraries for android. With them applications can be more like ICS, and UI experience much better.


You can use this library to make an application with holo theme just like ICS. Everything from button to seekbar, dialog, ...


This library can be used to make pager with tab above. It's just like what you saw in Google Play.

EDIT: 18/9/2012: After working for a while with this library, I found a bug with Swipey tabs. When you try to setCurrentIndex for the viewpager, somehow the tabs display wrong title. I also fixed this problem after 2 days. I made a fork of this github here: ViewPagerExtensions


This library will add to your application the Action Bar, which was introduced in Honeycomb 3.0 (SDK 11). But you can use it for android 2.x (SDK 7+).


Look like they are licensed under Apache License 2.0. Actually I have no idea about this license thing, but I think I will take time to find out. For now, what I do in android developing is just learning.

Ah, this is the UI for the LeMusicPlayer after applied those libraries. Maybe ActionBar will be added a search button, menu. I will not hide my intention to copycat the Google Play Music application interface. After all, I make this application just for learning.

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